Edu Martínez Piracés is a graphic designer with a focus in creative direction, editorial design, and digital experiences for arts, cultural and fashion projects. Know more.
Art direction and lookbook design for fashion research project together with Cristina Vila. Photography by Carlos Jimenez.
Un nosaltres impersonal
Campaign for young product designers exhibition and workshops.
Poder ser
Out of tune posters and flyers for an art criticism simposium about the dissamination of criticism on the art field.
La disseminació crítica. ACCA. La disseminació crítica. ACCA. La disseminació crítica. ACCA.
Identity and website for Site-Specific Conversation, a project based on interviews with artists at their workplace.
The Green Parrot is a small gallery at a square full of parrots.Go to the the website.
The Green Parrot
Website, posters and credits for the documentary project Pasaia Bitartean. Visit the website.
Pasaia Bitartean Pasaia Bitartean Pasaia Bitartean Pasaia Bitartean
We spent one year and a half devoleping a digital archive for artist Antonio Gagliano together with Carlos Carbonell. Image by Antonio Gagliano.Check the arhive.
Antonio Gagliano
Arqueologia Preventiva was a season full of publications, campaigns and signage for the contemporary art space of Fundació Miró.
Arqueologia preventiva. Espai 13. Fundació Miró. Antonio Gagliano.
¿Que hay de nuevo, viejo? was a collective exhibition to think about the idea of reappropriation. We choose seven different similar-but-different fonts to work on this project.
¿Qué hay de nuevo, viejo?. Can Felipa Arts Visuals.
Website for artist Ignasi Prat.
Llocs Comuns is a Sabel Gavaldón exhibition that deals with Post-Fordism work conditions. Go to the web.
Llocs comuns. Sabel Gavaldón. Can Felipa Arts Visuals.
Maceta publishes, researches and interview on degrowth and related issues such as localism, self-production or free culture. Maceta only works with open source tools and resources open source, publishes under free licenses or public domain and offers each publication on print-on-demand, print-at-home, ebook or audiobook.
Lúa Coderch asked Hijos de Martín to design her new vinyl. We prefer to share all her research data in Google Maps and do some posters and videos.
Or life in the woods. Lúa Coderch